UPDATE: Fashionista, I am not…

KJ was leaving for church yesterday when she asked me advice on her outfit.  A simple question, “Is this skirt too short?”  I decided to take the advice of many readers of this blog and gave her my honest opinion, “No, looks good to me.”  I thought this would be a safe testing ground, because she wasn’t going out to some party or some fancy event.  It was just church… what could go wrong?

Well, she was propositioned.  As a prostitute.

Here’s what happened… As she walked towards the church, an older Russian gentleman walking his dog said, “Hi.”  She said “hi” back and commented on how cute his dog was…

He responded with, “Are you working?”  “I’m sorry, what?”  “Are you working today?”

She then realized the man was asking if she was a prostitute, and if she was ‘on duty’ to ‘work’ today.  “Uh, no…” as she quickly dashed for the church.

Aaaaaaaand, that’s why it’s probably not a good idea for me to give KJ fashion advice.

She called me and told me the story on her way home.  So naturally, I took a picture as she walked through the door.  You judge for yourself… Too short?

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5 Responses to UPDATE: Fashionista, I am not…

  1. I don’t think so! It’s summer for God’s sake. Everybody is wearing shorts or short skirts. But maybe for church something a little less distracting? At least it’s not painted on.

  2. Kimi Finley says:

    LOL!!! Oh my gosh this story is hilarious!

  3. Cousin Heidi says:

    Hilarious story! This is what I take from it:
    – KJ does not look like a prostitute.
    – The man who propositioned her was either (a.) loosing his eyesight, and could not see well enough, or (b.) so desperate that he propositions every beautiful woman he see’s thinking, eh, what the hell, what have I got to lose?”
    -You are not a fashion failure.

    KJ – The simple rule I always go by for ‘too short’ for church is something I picked up from my church school days. If it is shorter than where my fingertips lay against my legs (mine fall mid-thigh) than its too short to wear to school/church. So, by those standards, maybe a tad short for church, but a very cute and appropriate summer dress none-the-less.

  4. kristin says:

    Ha Ha! What a hussy Kandis! No, kidding. My first reaction when I saw you at the coffee shop was “Oh! Look how cute you are! How very Los Feliz, Silverlake of you!” Maybe if she had been wearing super-duper high heels, along with crazy big hair, lots of dark makeup, and instead of a cotton skirt a spandex shiny skirt. Then MAYBE just MAYBE I would think she is prostituting herself 🙂

  5. Fanny says:

    I was propositioned in Downtown a few years ago when i was wearing skinny jeans, ballet flats and a blazer…All I can say is these guys either have really expensive taste or (most likely) are idiots.

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