KJ and I were out at a bar celebrating a friend’s birthday recently. KJ got tired and wanted to go, but I had just ordered a drink, and wanted to stay longer. She then whispered (yelled over the music) in my ear, “If we go home, we can have some sexy time…” I took a last sip and left the bar with her immediately.

On the way home, we drove past a billboard advertising McDonald’s new deal on chicken McNuggets. 20 pieces for $4.99. With all new sauces to choose from. “That sounds really good right now,” she said, and I agreed. But, of course, we continued on… “Sexy Time” awaited our arrival…

However, then we came across an actual McDonald’s. Not just a billboard advertisement, but a full restaurant, equipped with late-night drive-thru. We both looked at each other. I think I let out a casual, “Oh, there’s a McDonalds…” “Yeah. Cool. They got that nugget deal, huh?” Finally, after a few more precious seconds, she asked, “Should we…?” “I guess,” was my response, as she yanked the wheel hard to the right to just barely make the drive-thru entrance.

Needless to say, no sexy time was had that night. It was replaced by 10 nuggets each, washed down by their elaborate line of new sauces. Which are amazing.

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3 Responses to McLovin’

  1. Kristin says:

    No McLovin’ for you guys 🙂 That’s what happens to us. We have the plan for sexy-time, then it gets de-railed by Taco Bell splurges or in your case McDonald’s. Moral of the story have sexy time before food 😉

  2. Genevieve says:

    Always have sex before dinner, that’s the rule. Or wait at least twenty minutes, you don’t wanna get a cramp.

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