Tandem Parking (sucks)

Last week I flew back to LA from my mom’s place on the east coast for a very important meeting.  It was a meeting regarding a project that I’ve been working on for 4 years now.  I would have to fly right back to DC the day after the meeting for my best friend’s bachelor party… so, essentially, I flew to LA for this one, very important, ultra-crucial meeting.  The reason I stress the importance of this meeting is because I want you to know how terrible it would be to miss it… Here’s what happened:

The meeting was set for 11:30am at the Soho House in West Hollywood.  I woke up with plenty of time to shower, eat breakfast, prepare, etc.  Around 10:00am, KJ decided to tag along with her sister to a yoga class in the park.  We kissed goodbye and off she went, jumping in her sister’s car…

10:45am rolls around, and I’m ready to go to the meeting.  Head down in the elevator of our new place, to the parking garage, where I find KJ’s car PARKED BEHIND MINE.

I immediately panic, performing the equivilent of crapping my pants inside my brain.  I then go into survival mode.  Race upstairs.  Keys… where are her keys????  Search everywhere.  No keys.  She took her keys.  Of course she took her keys.  She would get back from yoga before I got back from my meeting, so she would need her keys…

Call her.  Voicemail.  She’s in the middle of yoga.  She’s not the type to have her phone on her while doing yoga.  SHIT!!!  I’m panicking.  I flew back JUST FOR THIS MEETING!!!

Here’s the 1st of 3 voicemails I left on her cell.  I warn you now, I was freaking out…


The way I saw it, I was not only going to miss a meeting that I flew back across the country for, but I was also throwing away 4 years of work.  Of course, that’s extreme, but clearly, after listening to that message, you can tell I was in “extreme mode.”

Finally, I stop calling her and her sister, and call a cab company.  At this point, it’s 11am.  Meeting in 30 mins.  Across town.

Here’s the convo between me and the cab company lady:

Cab Company Lady: Independent Cab…
Me: Hi, yes, I need a cab immediately!  I’m at (I give her my address)
Cab Company Lady: Is that an apartment or—
Me: Apartment!  I’ll be waiting out front.  Please, it’d be great if the guy could hurry!
Cab Company Lady: Someone will be there in between 5 and 15 minutes.
Me: Could it please be 5?
Cab Company Lady: They’ll be there between 5 and 15 minutes.
Me: Great, thank you!  Hopefully it’s 5.

I hang up.  Grab my bag.  Race back down to the garage.  At this point, I’ve decided to try to pivot my car out from in front of KJ’s by doing a series of 3-point turns, not unlike Austin Powers in the 1st movie where he’s stuck in the hallway…

This fails.

I run outside after attempting this for 5 minutes or so, to find the cab waiting for me!!!  I jump in, exaggerating my movements to let this stranger know that I’m in a serious hurry.  I tell him where I’m going.  “It’s for a very important meeting,” I add, “so if there’s any way to get me there faster, that’d be great.”  “Okay.”  He is a man of few words…

I glance at my phone.  At this point it’s 11:12am.  Freaking out.  No way I make it.  I call the producer’s office and tell his assistant to let him know I’m going to be late.

After I hang up, the cabbie asks me, “You Hollywood?”  “No, Franklin’s faster I think,” is my reply.  “No.  You are Hollywood?  Movies?”  I realize he’s asking me if I’m a major player in Hollywood, to which I answer, “Yes.  Yeah.  I’m in Hollywood.”  He says, “Cool,” and FLOORS IT.  This guy must love major players in Hollywood, I think to myself.  I just hope he doesn’t start pitching me a movie idea about how his cousin is really funny and should be in a movie about a soccer playing ghost (this was really pitched to me once).

Back to the panic.  It’s about this time that I leave voicemail 2 of 3 on KJ’s phone.  Here it is:

Voicemail #2

After that, I check my phone.  11:17am.  We’re making AMAZING time.  I use the maps tool on my iPhone to give me an estimate of my arrival time.  11:31am WITH traffic.  According to my iPhone Map, I’m going to make it on time!!

This is when I left the 3rd of 3 voicemails on KJ’s phone (takes a few seconds to play)…

Voicemail #3

Much calmer.  I text the producer letting him know that I’m actually going to be on time.  Due to some traffic on Sunset, I end up getting there at 11:34am, just a few minutes late.  I give the cabbie a nice tip for his amazing driving skills and lack of movie ideas…

Crises averted.  I’d ask everyone for advice on what they do in tandem parking situations, but we now have a drawer with each other’s spare car keys, so I think we’re good.  If you have any other advice though, please let me know!  Or just tell me about your day… 🙂

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7 Responses to Tandem Parking (sucks)

  1. Kristin says:

    Ha ha! That’s really funny! But I’m sure not at the time 🙂

  2. Cameron you handled it all quite well I would say. Sad to say many men would not have handled it quite that well. Kudos to you for not beating Kandis up too bad over this and good idea to have a set of each others keys. What a terrible parking situation you two have though. Whose dumb idea was that?

  3. Rebecca says:

    Spare keys is the best idea. My boyfriend and I each have keys to each other’s cars. We actually keep them on us at all times, as opposed to at home, just in case. You never know when you might need them. I’ve locked my keys in my car so many times and was able to recover because Brad had a set on his keyring.

  4. Kale says:

    Oh, if I had a nickle for each frantic phone call I’ve made in that same situation. I’d have enough to buy a 20 piece nugget from McD’s.

  5. D.C. says:

    Love your blog. So did you make the sale?

  6. Cousin Jennifer says:

    You had me all hyped up thinking I was gonna hear some angry cursing voice mail, but the messages were tamer than I expected. LOL! As for the parking, our house has a long narrow driveway, and someone’s always parked behind the other. Spare keys is definitely our system. We usually keep the spare keys in the house. Also, in our case, I can’t drive a stick, so we generally keep my car parked behind Tom’s, since he can move mine, but I can’t move his. But this exact situation that you described where one takes off with someone else, leaving our car blocking the other car? That almost NEVER happens in our house, let alone with no spare keys, and let alone doing so at a time of critical importance! 🙂

  7. Kimi Finley says:

    LOVE this post!!! Jason read it outloud while I was cooking dinner we were laughing and thoroughly entertained! I wanna hear how the meeting went???

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