Movin’ on up… (kinda)

The owner’s brother of the house we were renting got relocated to LA… so this past weekend, KJ and I had to move out.  We went to Home Depot and bought about $70 worth of boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc.  We were on fire during the packing process.  A little team.  I would toss some stuff into a box, she would take it all out and reorganize it.  I would wrap a lamp in newspaper, she would rip off the paper, re-wrap it in bubble wrap.  I would take a break to watch TV, she would stare at me and ask, “when are you going to pack up the TV?”  Quite the duo.  We had a system, and it was working.  Obviously, moving is a lot of hard work.  Here’s a video of us tirelessly packing our towels and linens…

At the end of the day, the only casualties lost in the move were 2 plates, 2 glasses, and a lamp that’s still semi-functional (not the one she re-wrapped in bubble wrap).  KJ took this picture of me after we got everything into our new place.

Pathetic, yes, I know.

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3 Responses to Movin’ on up… (kinda)

  1. Each move you make in your life seems to get harder. You have more stuff and less energy.

  2. Kimi Finley says:

    fun post! I laughed watching the video again

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