KJ prefers to drink warm water. Or “room temperature” as she likes to put it. But I like cold water. So, I’ll fill the Brita, put it in the fridge. She’ll come home, take the Brita out, leave it out on the counter, sometimes directly in front of the window, as if asking the sunlight to heat it up… I’ll come home, the hot summer sun beating down on my poor little soul, to find a Brita full of warm sunlight water. I’ll take the Brita, put it back in the fridge. She’ll take it out, let it sit to get warm again… A never-ending cycle. I don’t like putting ice in the warm water because the ice just melts quickly. And melted ice tastes weird. So, what’s the solution? What happens in your home? As I type this, the Battle for the Brita rages on…

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  1. Alan says:

    Why not buy a second one?

  2. enomooshiki says:

    Buy two.
    Leave one in fridge, leave other by the sun light 🙂
    it’s too easy.

    since you are the frustrated one, you get to pay for the new one 🙂

  3. Jennifer S. says:

    I guess it’s a non-issue in our home, because my husband & I don’t have a major difference in water temperature preferences. We both like water in the fridge during the hot summer months, and we both drink room temperature water at other times, and even if the water’s the wrong temperature, it’s not a problem because neither of us feels strongly about it. But if I did feel strongly, then I’d feel exactly the way you & KJ do, I’d be annoyed if I prepared something for myself (regardless of whether I was the one putting the pitcher in the fridge to chill OR putting the pitcher on the counter to warm up), only to find that my spouse undid my preparations, and I didn’t have it when I needed it.

  4. Maria says:

    How about pouring some of the Brita water into a pitcher. Place said pitcher in sunlight. Brita goes back in the fridge refilled and cooling for future use.

  5. Is this about the temperature of water or is it a power struggle? Remember you two are on the same team. There is an easy fix to this problem.

  6. Dorka says:

    I think you should not change a thing. It sounds like you guys are having fun with it.

  7. Sabine says:

    I keep some glass bottles that we fill in of brita water that Felipe puts in the fridge and the brita stays out on the counter…

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